Ragnarok Journey Aims To Heighten The Nostalgia Factor For RO Fans

Ragnarok Journey Aims To Heighten The Nostalgia Factor For RO Fans

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Ragnarok Journey Aims To Heighten The Nostalgia Factor For RO Fans

A lot of us grew up playing the original Ragnarok Online for many years. We shared plenty of adventures, laughs and good times. Ragnarok Journey will be the latest entry in the franchise. It serves one purpose, and that’s to transport us all back to the glory days.

Developed and published by Wegames Corp and Gravitiy Interactive, the game is entering closed beta this week. Ragnarok Journey isn’t exactly new either. The game has been out in the eastern markets but is now ready for western gamers.

Ragnarok Journey is very similar to the first game. It features top down, 3D isometric point of view gameplay. Players can move their characters around by point and clicking too. But perhaps the most striking thing about this is how it all works. Quests, dialogue, items and character progression all bring back the nostalgia of Ragnarok Online.

Each class in the game features cookie cutter builds bit with more unique and broader class designations. There’s also sieges that we’ve come to love from the original classic. There isn’t a release date set in stone, but we do have access to the current closed beta. We will be jumping in for a review so stay tuned for that!

When it comes to the Ragnarok franchise, nostalgia plays a huge factor in pulling in gamers. I feel that this is exactly how the game will operate, with familiar NPCs and follow up quests making appearances.

If that’s the case, then it’s fair to say that we can expect a lot of old players to return. Will that include you? Let us know your thoughts on Ragnarok Journey. Is it just to milk the franchise or is it a genuine attempt to rekindle it? For players interested in more news, sign up to the game’s newsletter here.









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