Remembering The Grind: The Worst MMO Reputation Grinds

Remembering The Grind: The Worst MMO Reputation Grinds

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Who loves MMORPG reputation grinds, hands up! We don’t, and we recollect some games that helped us feel that way.


Currently on Live, rep grinds aren’t as bad as they used to be. These days, it’s dimension items and other non-fancy stuff that won’t impact your progress too much if you don’t have it. Why? You can buy the best gear from the in-game cash shop. But back in the day, rep grinds with RIFT’s factions was pretty painful. Many of them often held the key to getting rare items that were necessary for raid clears. Even PvP had factions and were important for getting PvP dedicated gear. On the Prime server, much of this has been toned down for a less patient generation, and that’s a rather good thing.

4. Revelation Online

Revelation Online has a very extensive reputation system that will take players many months to master. In exchange, you will receive some unique cosmetics and crafting materials not available anywhere else. Some of the best crafting recipes in the game also require Obsidian reputation rank in specific reputations, which can take months to acquire for diligent players. The thing is, much of what dailies you’ll be doing are locked behind daily and weekly timers, which is where the real pain is at. So be sure to do all those non repeatable quest chains and then move on.

3. The Lord of the Rings Online

Launched at a time when the classic style of MMORPGs was at its prime, LOTRO had a lot of systems modeled after World of Warcraft. Regrettably, it implemented the faction rep grind system. LOTRO has tons of factions to grind rep for, but the good news is in much of the game’s content, they don’t offer that good a reward worth grinding for. That is until the recent Mordor expansion. Players were required to grind keys and farm dailies and farm more dailies of Allegiance rep in addition to the landscape faction rep just to do some of the basic content and progress. This was a painfully slow system that tied a lot of players down in Mordor for months on end, and it’s caused nothing but burnout.

2. RuneScape

For its time, the rep grinds in RuneScape were clever. They weren’t just a means to provide shiny new armor and gear. The grinds were also meant to plug the gaps in between content releases. This kept players busy for months and months in order to buy time for the next content update. Many of us still remember grinding for Menaphos reputations, which still gives players nightmares.

1. World of Warcraft

Perhaps here lies the culprit. The game that made the reputation grinding mechanic a must copy for future MMORPGs. World of Warcraft’s huge world, setting and factions are all great for the game. They expand the already growing world these factions are very important for progression – as it has been since vanilla. Things become heated during the Battle for Azeroth announcement, when it was made known that players needed to be Exalted (highest tier) reputation with the two Argus factions in order to unlock two of the newest Allied Races for BFA. This didn’t sit too well with most casual players, as grinding rep in Argus is slow, tedious in addition to RNG based as some rep items drop from world bosses and quests. This is one mechanic we want to see less off in future WoW expansions, but we’re not holding our breaths.


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