Revelation Online enters Closed Beta 3 this month

Revelation Online enters Closed Beta 3 this month

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Revelation Online enters Closed Beta 3 this month:

Revelation online has been in beta testing for quite some time now and has confirmed that the third closed beta test will be taking place later this month; the team has released quite a bit of information about this test in preparation for the launch of Closed Beta Test 3.

It’s been confirmed that this test will begin on January 19th next week and will last until February 2nd; the team behind the game have released a few details about what players can expect from this test and anyone interested in taking part will need to sign-up on the official website.

A variety of new content has been introduced to the game which should appeal to players who took part in the previous tests; the blog post from suggests that the main focus has been adding content for players who are level 49 and above. The level cap in this test has been raised to level 69 and its been confirmed that players will have a variety of new features to explore once they approach the level cap.

Three new dungeons have been confirmed to be included in the game in addition to 3 new missions and the ability to revisit dungeons to explore them further; a new map is also being included in the Closed Beta Test but the developers haven’t explained what the map is for and how to access this new zone. A variety of new PvP content has also been confirmed to be included in this beta test including a Death Match, Faction War and a Merchant System for the PvP areas.

Players who have taken part in the previous tests will be able to continue with their previous characters as there haven’t been any character wipes; the Revelation Online team will be releasing more information about this test over the next week and more details will be uploaded on the official website.

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