Revelation Online Players Reporting Server Log In Issues

Revelation Online Players Reporting Server Log In Issues

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Revelation Online Players Reporting Server Log In Issues

Revelation Online is up and running for players in both NA and Europe. There are four active shards currently for each servers, but players are reporting some major issues.

According to the game’s official forums, players are having trouble logging into their servers. It isn’t as widespread at the moment but more and more threads are cropping up. Server issues reported includes a plethora of things including receiving server busy/unavailable notices. Another one is more frustrating, and it simply states that the pass is being verified, which no one knows exactly what it entails.

The open beta is open to everyone, so the latter issues should not really be a problem for free players who have not purchase a founder pack. Unfortunately, the pass being verified effects even those who have paid money for the game.

Upon doing some research ourselves, we can now verify that this issue still persists. We are unable to log-in to both NA or EU servers due to the pass being verified error. What would be absolutely helpful right now is for the developers and community management teams of Revelation Online to clarify what exactly these issues are.

Right now however, it seems from the outset that there just isn’t enough server capacity to accommodate the large amount of players currently playing. A good solution would be to increase the capacity or add more servers. Adding more servers is usually the poorer choice, and can lead to complications down the road.

However as said earlier, there are players who have paid that still cannot enter the game due to said issues. Hopefully, the RO team can find a quick fix and get everyone in-game as soon as possible.








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