RF Online's New EU Evolution Server Is Now Open

RF Online’s New EU Evolution Server Is Now Open

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RF Online is a well-known Mass – PvP oriented MMORPG, which in 2020 is well regarded as a classic in the genre. Thousands of players consider it one of the first MMOs that made an impact in their life, making this game extremely popular to this day.

4Game’s RF Online team have put the effort into making this new version of the server different from the original and interesting for the players changing the way the game progresses and players interact with each other. The main feature of the new Evolution server is a stage by stage development system, which means that the server will not be updated to following updates until the majority of the players will have reached the maximum level of the current stage. Along with that, players will be able to enjoy different phases of their favorite game once again, by starting their journey in conditions similar to its early years (2005-2007) and ending up with a brand new update that introduces a higher level cap than it has ever been. Low rates promise to make the gameplay much more challenging and the development of characters more satisfying.

In addition, 4Game commits to listening to players’ feedback to continue further developing the server and the new format.

The server opened on March 5th under the name of Atlas. Anyone who acquired a special promo code can redeem it before April 27th in the designated section of their official promo-page.

RF Online (RFO, Rising Force Online) is a Korean MMORPG for PC developed and launched by CCR, Inc. in 2007. The game setting is an alloy of fantasy and science fiction. The plot tightens to a conflict of three races: Accretia, Bellato, and Сora, who fight for the resources of the planet Novus.

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