Rift Prime Is Shutting Down: Here's What You Need To Know

Rift Prime Is Shutting Down: Here’s What You Need To Know

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Rift is shutting down its subscription only fresh start progression server called Prime. Prime will be closing at the stroke of midnight (PT) on March 31st 2019, character/credit transfers will take place the following week. The process will be completed by April 7th. The server was launched in early 2018 to great success, but player numbers had dipped since. The recent takeover by Gamigo Group also further added confusion and chaos to Rift’s playerbase. All Prime players will need to know the following.

Transfering Characters From Prime To Live

All transferred characters will be available on Reclaimer (Trial Only Server) in the US environment, and players will be able to transfer those characters to any other US live shard. We currently do not support character transfers between the US and EU environments.

All accounts who have at least one character who reached level 50 on Prime will be able to claim the following on live once character/credit transfers have been completed (Can be claimed once):
• Level 65 Character Boost Pack
• 1 million loyalty

On Exceeding Character Slot Limits

Current limits cannot be exceeded, players concerned will need to have less than 12 characters (13 for those who purchase the original Wilds Pack) on any shard they wish to move characters off Reclaimer.

Name Duplicates

Characters who have name conflicts will be given the opportunity to choose a new name (they will have additional characters appended to the end of their current name when a conflict appears). This is really straightforward, so be sure to check your live shards in advanced if you’ve used your Prime character’s name on live. Prime players from EU, no worries as you probably don’t have any characters on the NA shards.

On Guilds

Guilds will not be transferred to live environments. While unfortunate, it’s understandable. Luckily, there’s still numerous active guilds on the Rift live servers so this is a non issue. Most guilds are in touch with its members through Discord or Websites anyway, so its not like everyone goes dark all of a sudden.

Actionable Preparation

Players may want to remove items from guild banks that you wish to transfer from Prime. Additionally, items like Mounts that are tradeable on Prime, will not be on Live. Therefore, be sure to take them off the auction house and either consume them or sell them. On live NA Shards, if you have a full shard with characters, either transfer a few off in prep for your Prime characters, or delete any unplayed low level alt.



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