Rocket League playerbase crosses 25 million

Rocket League playerbase crosses 25 million

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Rocket League playerbase crosses 25 million:

Rocket League is one of the best success stories of recent years. it was 2016’s top selling game and a consistent member of steam’s top 10. Psysonix probably haven’t anticipated such a bang to the sequel of  Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. but, i’m confident that they have been happy about it.

As a member of the rocket league community, i can say that passing the 25M playerbase isn’t surprising. Rocket league is very easy to understand and very hard to master. Even though the game features cars chasing and crushing one another, it could get hilarious. Because of that, after hours of playing the game, i still lose everytime. Check out this video to understand the level of the top players.

At the beginning, young players should focus on learning the game rather than win. The huge community will provide enemies to butcher later on. The game seems very impressive at first sight and after learning the basics, it’s even more impressive. It’s Amazing to see how players mastered this game, making it such a great phenomenom

Because of that,  It’s only a matter of time, until Rocket League will cross the 50M benchmark.



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