RvR MMO Crowfall Finally Enters Beta

RvR MMO Crowfall Finally Enters Beta

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ArtCraft Entertainment has announced the official opening of Beta for their ground-breaking MMO, Crowfall. Invitations are being sent out to the first wave of beta testers. Successive waves of beta testers will be invited over the coming weeks and months.
“At the beginning of this project, we set out to make something really different,” explained ArtCraft co-founder and creative director J. Todd Coleman. “Virtual worlds have grown stale. They call them ‘theme park’ worlds for that reason; they are specifically designed to be unaffected by the decisions and actions of the players. We intend to change that, to offer a world where the players control the fate of this world. Beta is a critical step in our path to seeing that vision realized.”
Recognized as an innovative and inspired take on a virtual universe, Crowfall offers a dynamic universe of unique worlds where players are in control: claiming territory, conquering land, and forming deep political and social relationships. The universe boasts a variety of worlds (and Campaigns) with unique geographic rulesets designed to suit the playstyle and strengths of each guild or faction. The universe of Crowfall is in constant flux as player empires rise and fall, and no two worlds will ever be the same.
Early Beta groups will be invited starting today and the process continues in sequence with increasingly larger groups invited over time. ArtCraft has added a convenient notification to ensure players do not miss this highly anticipated invitation; registered players will see a green button appear on top of the website with the words “You’re Invited!”, when their Beta group opens. Players interested in joining the battle in the free closed beta should register now at Crowfall.com, if they haven’t already done so.
As a reminder, all backers have immediate (and permanent) access to all phases of testing.  Any Backer Pack (available at Crowfall.com) grants immediate entry to play now. For more information, visit Crowfall.com/Beta.
“I am proud of the effort that our team put forward to reach this point,” added Gordon Walton, co-founder and president. “It is exciting to be part of a group that is willing to take risks and push for real innovation.”

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