Sandbox MMORPG Legends of Aria Will Launch Free To Play Update New Dawn Next Month

Sandbox MMORPG Legends of Aria Will Launch Free To Play Update New Dawn Next Month

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Modern classic sandbox MMORPG Legends of Aria has some exciting news for players today. In November, developers Citadel Studios will be dropping the New Dawn update, which essentially is a free to play update to the game. Folks who’ve never played this modern yet classic MMORPG before can now do so without any cost. There is also an entirely optional low-cost subscription that provides a variety of bonuses.

The free version of Legends of Aria is exciting, but there’s even more in store with ‘New Dawn’. New players and veterans alike will be able to enjoy some brand new features as well as the return of The Wilderness, a community favorite.

“We are excited to break down the pay barrier that prevents many gamers from experiencing the magic the universe of Aria has to offer,”  said Derek Brinkmann, CEO of Citadel Studios. “By naming this update New Dawn, we are issuing a rallying cry to all open-world PvP sandbox fans to come experience Legends of Aria the way it was meant to be.”

  • The return of The Wilderness to bring high octane gameplay as players weigh the risk-versus-reward environment.
  • Warriors will find some sweet changes to the class in the form of the Bloodlust resource and nine new powerful abilities.
  • A new Township feature that lets players become citizens of one of Celador’s many towns.
  • Militias are forming with players able to join in on the battle to conquer Celador.
  • Stealing and Snooping are now viable options for those wanting to master the fine art of thievery.
  • Resource Missions are being added to allow players to explore for precious wood, ore, and cloth away from high traffic areas.
  • Professions have been updated with all-new quests to grant new passive abilities.
  • Episodic content called Leagues of Celador is being added to bring fresh new stories to Legends of Aria.

New Dawn brings many other great additions such as Runebooks, an overhaul to Craft Orders, deployment of our Dynamic Spawner to overworld monster spawns and points of interest and a host of other quality of life changes and bug fixes.

Players are invited to keep up with news updates by visiting the Legends of Aria site for more information.

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