Sea of Thieves to begin echnical alpha this month

Sea of Thieves to begin echnical alpha this month

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Sea of Thieves to begin Technical alpha this month:

Rare has just announced that Sea of Thieves will be getting a technical alpha later this month; the test is due to begin at the end of the week on December 16th.The alpha is expected to last a couple of days, and to begin with will only feature a limited number of players.

Gamers who are interested are now able to sign up for the Sea of Thieves’ insider program to gain access in the upcoming days. As with the rest of the insider program, all players participating in the technical alpha will be subject to an NDA. The alpha will at first be limited to only 1000 players with several timeslots being used, but will soon increase in size and frequency of testing sessions. Rare has stated that the information gathered from the players’ experience will help shape Sea of Thieves development.

As Rare announced the technical alpha on their website, they claimed that ‘we want to deliver on our promise to Insiders to help us test early game mechanics – the opportunity to provide feedback about their experience – use this feedback and our data insights to make meaningful changes to our game’. Rare did not release any information about what players can expect from the alpha.

Sea of Thieves is an upcoming pirate MMO game set in a fantasy world, where players will be able to take the role of sea-faring pirates. Sea of Thieves will be released for Xbox One and Windows 10 sometime in 2017.


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