Secret World Legends Has A Launch Date And It's June 26th

Secret World Legends Has A Launch Date And It’s June 26th

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Secret World Legends Has A Launch Date And It’s June 26th

Funcom’s relaunch of The Secret World with Secret World Legends now has a solid release date. The game is set for release on June 26th.

To accompany the announcement, there’s a new trailer with various members of the Funcom team describing the game. Secret World Legends has been in closed beta for at least two months now, and the inside word is that all is going smoothly. One of the major things that the relaunch aims to address is improving the combat and streamlining the game so that players can experience the story.

For those that may have missed it, the game will also be completely free to play. Therefore, there might be some pretty vast wholesale changes when you jump in at the end of June. The biggest and most obvious one that’s been known to the public is the reticule system. Tab target is no longer the modus operandi. The game will now offer an action style combat system that is common in modern MMORPGs.

Besides that, classes and the abilities are also overhauled. The skill wheel is gone, which means things are a little more linear but that could be a good thing for newer players. All in all, it feels like a brand new game and June cannot come any faster. For more information of the game, visit its official website here.





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