Shai Class Customization Begins On Black Desert Today

Shai Class Customization Begins On Black Desert Today

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Starting today, Black Desert Online adventurers who have pre-registered for this class can begin creating and customizing their characters before they go live on June 26. Adventurers who participate in this event will automatically receive rare rewards including special earrings for the Shai class and an Inventory Expansion Coupon that will give them a boost during their new journeys. They can also share customizations and designs of their Shais on Facebook and the official website’s “Beauty Album” until July 3 for a chance to win one of three Best Customization prizes, which includes a brand-new pet that has yet to be released—the Twilight Lynx! All participants will receive a Merv’s Palette and Extra Life EXP Scrolls, so everyone is encouraged to enter. Those who have yet to pre-register for this class can still do so during this time and begin their customizations to grab themselves this treasure trove of rewards.

Bountiful rewards await those already preparing for the new class, but the Shais are extending the celebrations to include aspiring and new Adventurers as well. Guest Pass Coupons have been extended to 14 days until July 17, and those that sign up for one can get Permanent Access to Black Desert for free by logging in for at least seven days and reaching level 50 before their coupon expires. All game access packages are also on sale for 40% off if purchased by Acoin, so Adventurers can purchase or upgrade their access and get items that will assist them in their travels at a great value. The Shais are excited to start their journeys alongside these Adventurers and have made sure to roll out the red carpet for their fellow new travelers!

With so many events welcoming the Shai class to Black Desert, Adventurers have already begun to plan out where to venture with them when the class finally goes live. For more information about the Shai Customization Event and this update, head over to

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