Star Conflict (2013) Review

Star Conflict (2013) Review

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SStar Conflict is a sci-fi MMO game where players control their own ship as they fly through the galaxy; there are a variety of ships to select from and each one is highly customizable. The game is orientated towards combat where players fight in instance based PvE and PvP space ship dogfights. There are also various team based game modes for PvP which each have a unique objective that needs to be completed; in addition to this, there are large-scale battles between Corporations which act as the Guilds in the game.

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Star Conflict Features

Gameplay is based on combat – The open world is filled with action in the form of PvE missions and instanced PvP dogfights.
Ship customization – Unlock new ships and customize them to be unique and fill a specific battlefield role.
Varied PvP – Compete in a range of team orientated game modes or battle in large-scale fights with  cooperation.
Three factions – Decide which faction to fight for and select which type of ship to take into combat.

Third person combat to remove blind spots
Variety of game modes
Lots of customization options
Decent tutorial

Lots of grinding
Pay to win elements
Weak plot
Confusing at first glance

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