UI Design Revamps and Kractuca Hunting Grounds Arrives in Black Desert

UI Design Revamps and Kractuca Hunting Grounds Arrives in Black Desert

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Adventurers are invited to experience Black Desert SEA’s long-awaited UI design renewal that will provide a more comforting and modern environment for everyone. They are also welcome to experience a brand-new hunting ground while participating in exclusive events starting this week.

To make gameplay more convenient and eye-catching, the UI design renewal has begun in Black Desert SEA starting October 8. The first stage of the renewal is based on resolving the complexity of NPC and in-game shop interfaces—The Conversation and Exchange buttons that only appeared along with conversations with NPCs are now separate features, where Adventurers can scan their exchangeable items or available quests. UI improvements have also been applied to in-game menus including Stable, Harbor, Breeding Market, and more.

While enjoying the new UI design, Adventurers can discover the new hunting ground, Kratuca Ancient Ruins, where those with 250 AP or higher are recommended to enter through a door located in the Hasrah Ancient Ruins using a Black Spirit’s Claw Piece or Unsealed Ruins Slate. Adventurers can produce Crystal of Elkarr through Simple Alchemy using Elkarrs, rare items that can be found only in this hunting ground. In the meantime, Open Season in Black Desert SEA continues with additional exclusive events—Chances of getting items for defeating monsters will increase by 50% until October 16, while more rewards will be provided to those who collect samples from monsters using Marni’s Stone until October 23. A Loyalty event will also take place until October 22 to allow Adventurers to get various items such as Elion’s Tear, Artisan’s Memory and special Lauren Family Box.

Find more information about Black Desert SEA on the official website at sea.playblackdesert.com.

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