SWTOR Announces May the Fourth Login Bonus Reward

SWTOR Announces May the Fourth Login Bonus Reward

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In celebration of Star Wars day, SWTOR will be showing appreciation for all its players in a galaxy far, far away, and everyone will be getting the M4-Y20 Astromech Droid Mini-pet! This sleek Astromech model is the perfect ally to accompany you across the galaxy. Additionally, the Cartel Market will be having a Collection Unlock sale for the next two weeks, as well as an ongoing Double XP event!

Log-in Bonus

Log in between May 4th and May 10th to receive your very own M4-Y20 Astromech Droid! Your new Astromech Droid will be immediately waiting in your in-game mailbox as soon as you log in.

Double XP

To help celebrate May the 4th, the game’s been running a special Double XP event! Lasting from April 21st all the way to June 16th, players will receive double XP, Valor, Renown, and more.

Collection Unlock Sale

Due to popular demand, the Collection Unlock Sale is back for an extended period of time! Between Monday, May 4th (7:00am CT / 12:00pm UTC) and May 18th (7:00am CT / 12:00pm UTC), all Collection Unlocks will have a 50% discount. It’s the perfect time to deck out all your characters with your favorite Mount or Armor Set!

SWTOR Soundtrack

One of the cornerstones of SWTOR and Star Wars is the music that helps immerse players in the Star Wars™ universe. All of it can now be found in this YouTube playlist.

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