Steam Clean Is On The Way

Steam Clean Is On The Way

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Steam Clean

Steam Clean Is On The Way

Women and gamers have something in common. It doesn’t matter how much games or clothes they have, it will never be enough. Therefore, game developers are trying to take advantage of it. If you haven’t noticed, browsing on Steam has become more and more difficult. On top of all the quality games they offer, they have a lot of terrible games and it’s hard to differentiate between them. The browsing experience has declined lately and Steam are looking to change that.

Hence, they are going to battle in two fronts. On the one hand, eliminating bad games more frequently, and on the other hand, ranking games better with the Steam Explorer feature. The first front is understandable and we pretty much know how it will go. The second front will improve the browsing experience tremendously. How will it go? Some users will explore underplayed games and rank them. This will enable the bad games to slip while the good games will get positive rankings. I believe that this method isn’t perfect as long as the explorers aren’t credible. But, Valve hasn’t disclosed a lot of information and we still can’t judge this step enough.

However, Valve are proving once again that the user experience is important to them. I think that the Steam Clean will enable users to browse the service a lot better and get a better bang for the buck. Valve is a private company so they don’t share their financial information. However, Forbes estimate their value at 2-4 Billion dollars. With so much money going on and so many users in place, I think that a lot of money will come after the Steam Clean

What do you think? Do you believe that Steam will improve? please share your thoughts with us.



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