SWTOR Details The Game's Roadmap For 2017 And Reveals New Flashpoint

SWTOR Details The Game’s Roadmap For 2017 And Reveals New Flashpoint

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SWTOR Details The Game’s Roadmap For 2017 And Reveals New Flashpoint

SWTOR is giving its players a heads up for the summer ahead. The game has released an official road map for 2017. The article shed light on a massive amount of areas and changes coming to Star Wars. Among other things, the article also states that the team is “very busy” reviewing all areas of the game.

Lead game producer Keith had this to say about gameplay direction moving forward:

“We have been saying for a while now our focus this year is to return to massively multiplayer and group-based content. Since the launch of Knights of the Eternal Throne (KOTET) we have already delivered a new daily area, a new Operation Boss (Tyth, the God of Rage), and the return of two companions. Our focus on gameplay improvements will continue throughout this year and will include revisiting existing game systems to provide enhancements where needed whenever possible.”

The full article can be found here. To surmise, Bioware are looking to bring the MMO part back into SWTOR. For this summer, content is center stage and there will be a couple of updates before Crisis on Umbara. The latter continues the main story saga as well as introduce a brand new 4-man dungeon, also known as flashpoint.

In between however, expect a lot of tweaks to quality of life improvements. Among them are class and PvP balance, which players have been wanting for a long time. Overall, a good and transparent road map from Bioware. Are you  Star Wars the Old Republic player? What are your thoughts on the game’s 2017 roadmap? Let us know in the comments.


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