Temtem MMO Launches Tomorrow, 21 January

Temtem MMO Launches Tomorrow, 21 January

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Ever wondered what a Pokemon MMORPG would look and play like? Wonder no more, because Crema Studios and Humble Bundle’s Temtem will launch tomorrow on Steam Early Access.

Temtem is hugely inspired by Pokemon, and it aims to bring the monster collecting world to an online audience in the form of an MMORPG. First appearing on Kickstarter, the game has been a crowdfunding success and here we are a couple of years later, with Temtem gearing up for an early access launch on Steam, followed by Discord and much later on, it will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch console.

In Temtem, players take on the role of tamers, and must rise through the ranks in the 6 islands available. Players will collect, train and do battle with over 141 Temtem monsters, and co-op play is available through the game’s main story campaign. Outside of that, there’s player housing to look forward to, in addition to its unique graphics and fancy customization for player characters.

Check out the Steam store page here.

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