Temtem: Which Starter Temtem and Evolution Details

Which Starter Monster To Pick On Pokemon-like MMO Temtem

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Temtem, the Pokemon-like creature collecting MMO has launched its early access and is currently taking the world by storm. The game has already topped the best-seller charts on Steam, and looks set to dominate the rest of the month. As a Temtem tamer, players will adventure solo or co-op with friends online to collect, train and do battle with their Temtem monsters to emerge as the best. It’s a familiar tale, but don’t be fooled by the comparisons with Pokemon – the game is an MMO with decent mechanics and boasts a define and unique art style too boot. But when it comes to your humble beginnings, which Temtem should you pick?

Which Starter Temtem To Pick?

Like Pokemon, Temtem starts you off with a choice of three starter Temtem monsters to pick from, and these monsters come with different elements, strengths, weaknesses, skills and more. So which starter Temtem should you pick?


Crystle is a Crystal type Temtem that’s strong against Electric and Mental, but weak against Fire and Earth. From our playthrough experience, Crystle does very well in the early parts of the game when up against the wild Temtem and is also cutesy, which helps.


Houchic is a Mental Temtem that’s strong against Neutral and Melee type opponents. Its weakness is only Crystal type Temtem, which makes it a decent starter as the early wild monsters out there consists of Neutral and Melee, especially on your first journey to the Academy. In the long run, Houchic seems to be the solid choice.


The last choice is Smazee, a Melee Temtem. It does very well against Earth and Crystal monsters, which you’ll find aplenty everywhere so you’ll have a decent time with this one. Its weakness is Mental, which is popular too considering Houchic’s popularity, so keep that in mind.

Ultimately whatever you choose is going to be substantial so pick your favorite element or Temtem. The most important thing here is which partner Temtem you’ll use in battles to support your starter. The right combination will make things smoother for you.

Starter Temtem Evolutions

So now that you have your starter Temtem, when does it evolve? Like Pokemon, monster evolutions will be common and key to making your Squad stronger, while earning new Techniques (skills) along the way. For wild Temtem, you can expect evolutions to happen when leveling up. Experience points are earned for participating in battles, provided your Temtem stays alive.

For Starter Temtems, the process of evolution will be the same. You’ll need experience points to evolve, although they do happen much later than the basic Temtems out there.

Crystle Evolves To Sherald at Level 30

Smazee Evolves To Baboong at Level 29

Houchic Evolves To Tental at Level 29

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