TERA Players Can Earn Mount Rewards From The Kritika Open Beta

TERA Players Can Earn Mount Rewards From The Kritika Open Beta

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TERA Players Can Earn Mount Rewards From The Kritika Open Beta

If you’re a current TERA player checking out the Kritika open beta, there’s some rewards you can earn. A new limited time offer is available that will grant TERA players a couple of cool mounts.

Current TERA players who reach level 20 in Kritika Online will be given a redeemable code of a mount called Lady. It’s a pink spirit wolf ground mount with a movement speed of 280 to use in TERA.

But that’s not all. For the more gung-ho, reaching level 60 with a new Kritika Online character will earn you a better mount. Ladylove will be the prize, and on top of a 280 speed it can also heal 1% of your HP and MP every second. Now that’s a mount worth getting, since it does have PvE benefits.

The promo begins today, 17th August and will run until Thursday, 31st August. Therefore, you’ve got about two weeks to get your leveling action on if you want the mounts! For more event rules, see below. Additionally, check out the official website post here.


  • Start and level any class in Kritika Online to level 20 to receive Lady, the pink spirit wolf.
  • Start and level any class in Kritika Online to level 50 to receive Ladylove, the pink spirit wolf that restores HP and MP.
  • Limit one mount per En Masse account. The mount you receive will be determined by your final level in Kritika Online at 11:59 p.m. PDT on Thursday, August 31. (If you reach level 50, you will only receive Ladylove—not Lady and Ladylove.)
  • Codes will be emailed between September 5–8.
  • You must have an active TERA account before September 5 to receive the code.
  • Only new Kritika Online characters after Thursday, August 17 at 10 a.m. PDT qualify for the rewards, even if you already have a Kritika Online character. That is, you will only receive the code if you start a new character on or after Thursday, August 17, and reach at least level 20 before the deadline on Thursday, August 31.
  • Existing Kritika Online characters are eligible so long as they have not yet hit level 20 or 50. If you tried Kritika Online earlier and came up short, come back and hit level 20 or 50 and you will receive the mount!
  • If you already have a level 51+ character in Kritika Online, you can create a new character and level them up to be eligible for the mount!


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