TERA's Next Update Will Add Chance Percentages on Lootboxes

TERA’s Next Update Will Add Chance Percentages on Lootboxes

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TERA’s next content update launches Tuesday, April 28, and features a systematic refresh of our loot box system.

Beginning with the new Dyable Memorial Dress Loot Box, and eventually encompassing every loot box ever offered for sale, this refresh will remove guaranteed items and random consumables from loot boxes, and replace them with a series of Modular Chests filled with items usable by any player. Loot boxes will also now display the percentage chances of pulling chase items, so that players can make informed purchase decisions.

There are seven modular chests in total, each with a curated collection of consumables and other popular items. All Modular chests of the same name contain the same things, and are both stackable and instantly tradable. This change allows you to place any unwanted chests on the Trade Broker (subject to normal restrictions) and keep your inventory and bank clear of unwanted clutter.

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