The Masquerade of Liars Will Creep Into Neverwinter After Today's Patch

The Masquerade of Liars Will Creep Into Neverwinter After Today’s Patch

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The Masquerade of Liars Will Creep Into Neverwinter After Today’s Patch

More Neverwinter news this week, as the annual Halloween event The Masquerade of Liars returns today. The festival starts today after the downtime patch and will run until November 1st.

This year, there are brand new rewards to earn. Players can expect new spooky companions, style outfits and masks too. In addition to that, there’s even a chance for a legendary artifact. How does one go about getting these? The answer is through a series of daily quests that rewards event Tokens which can be traded in. See below or the official post here.

Daily Quest: Trade of Treats – For this Daily Quest, players can obtain Liar’s Charms from interacting with pumpkins around Protector’s Enclave as well as from killing enemies. They will then have to find Masquerade Illusionists, who wander the streets, entertain citizens and trade them Liar’s Charms. Players will have to trade Charms to different Illusionists to receive Illusionist’s Bags, which contain two to three Masquerade Tokens, refinement items for the Illusionist’s Mask and perhaps a Beholder Piñata. After you complete your daily quests, you’ll still be able to trade Liar’s Charms to Illusionists for additional bags! One Liar’s Charm can also be traded for one Masquerade Token with the Masquerade Master.

Daily Quest: Lore of Liars – Learn more about the lore behind the festival and receive a lore entry. After completing this quest, players will receive 5 Masquerade Tokens. Every day, the Loremaster will have a new piece of lore for you to learn!What kind of rewards could you earn from the Masquerade of Liars Festival? Exchanging Masquerade Tokens with the Masquerade Vendor in Protector’s Enclave could earn you these spooky and terrifying rewards! This year, we’ve added in a new Artifact to the event.


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