The Secret World To Relaunch As Secret World Legends

The Secret World To Relaunch As Secret World Legends

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The Secret World To Relaunch As Secret World Legends

In a major announcement yesterday, Funcom has revealed that The Secret World will relaunch as Secret World Legends. Secret World Legends will share the same world and stories with TSW, and will be on a different server and game client.

Secret World Legends will launch in the spring, and there will be a closed beta period in the coming weeks. As for the original game, it will remain operational but it is already being taken off Steam. Therefore, players can no longer purchase the game.

The combat system in the new game will be completely overhauled from the ground up. We can also expect to see new animations to complement the combat. The progression system is slightly different too, with a more streamline skill wheel and levels making way into to the game.

The biggest difference between the two games is that SW:Legends will be completely free to play. That’s at least 100 hours worth of story content from the base game and DLC that will be free for everyone. Besides free players, there are options to purchase membership status call Patron. Patron status lasts for 30 days, and players can buy extensions in 30 day increments using Funcom Points or a new premium currency called Aurum. You will also be able to sell Aurum to other players in a new Exchange system, similar to the WoW Token or Plex.

For existing players with current memberships, there is good news too. You can copy over your membership into SW: Legends. Any remaining time will be convert into Patron status. They can then use Funcom points to add Patron duration. The Patron system also has ranks, so the more you extend, the higher your rank and rewards. Grand Masters or lifetime members can also copy their status over to the new game and become Patrons for life.



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