Top 4 Features Of Conqueror's Blade's Season II: Wrath of the Nomads

Top 4 Features Of Conqueror’s Blade’s Season II: Wrath of the Nomads

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For fans of CB’s action strategy offering, “Season II: Wrath of the Nomads”,  for the popular medieval war MMO, Conqueror’s Blade is now available as a free download on PC. Introducing the deadly nomadic tribal units of the North, the second season delivers a vast amount of fresh, new content including battlefield maps, nomadic-themed cosmetics, the Sons of the Steppes unit line, plenty of new challenges, and exclusive Battle Pass rewards. Here are the top 4 features of the season broken down:

New Unlockable Seasonal Units!

The Sons of the Steppes are the first new seasonal units to join Conqueror’s Blade! These nomadic warriors raise from the great rolling steppes of the north, a native tribe who move, hunt, and fight for themselves in a world now ravaged by war. Knowledge is power, and their survival skills and history within this land makes many warlords eager to draw swords with them.

The Sons of the Steppes line contains of six new units:

  • Namkhan Archers – Hunstmen and herders serving in the warband of their local chieftain. To assist in tracking and destroying escaping enemies, these troops use barbed arrows, and then follow the blood-trails.
  • Selemchid Cavalry – These horsemen make good reconnaissance units, and can execute flank attacks in smaller battles.
  • Khorchins – Khorchins are mobile, have excellent attack capabilities, and can shoot accurately while galloping at full speed. They carry two types of ammunition: one for maximum damage, and one for armour penetration.
  • Tseregs– The assault infantry of a chieftain’s warband. Their armour is fairly weak compared to the armies of the south, but the Tseregs’ fighting traditions allow them to bypass a blocking shield, or attack more quickly for a short time.
  • Khevtuul Cavalry – The main battle force in any mounted steppe warband, being equally at home using bows as they are using swords.
  • Kheshigs – Bodyguards to the Great Khan and his family in peacetime, but on the battlefield, they are the elite heavy cavalry force and the dread of their enemies.

For players that don’t manage to complete all the challenges during the season, they can still unlock the Sons of the Steppes after Season II has ended.

New Battlefields To Conquer

Warlords can get to grips with three new maps during Season II, including:

  • Allenburg (Siege): Nestled in an undulating valley, this magnificent castle city may prove difficult to capture, as its inner fortress presents a challenge to those who breach the outer defences.
  • Emerald River (15 v 15 Field Battle): Surrounded by mountains and divided by a great river, there are many strategic opportunities to take advantage of on this map. Secure the high ground for an advantage!
  • Cliff Duel (Deathmatch): Will your doom be decided on the edge of the world? Surrounded by stunning landscapes and cloud-kissed peaks, this battleground is perched precariously on a cliff’s edge, giving a sense of danger and finality to your battles here.

Nomadic Themed Cosmetics and More

A new Battle Pass is available for Season II. More daring challenges await, plus over 100 levels of season-exclusive rewards waiting to be earned.  Players will be able to collect epic cosmetic items themed around the newly-discovered nomadic tribes. Equip your warriors with thick furs, antler helms, and other genuine items inspired by their culture.

Additional Features and Improvements

The new season will also bring more matchmaking features, new ranking and player title systems, weekly challenges. Territory War features that start later throughout the season include the ability to join NPC Houses from four different alliances, so players won’t be left out if they haven’t yet settled into a player-run House.

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