Top 5 Best New Features in League of Angels 3

Top 5 Best New Features in League of Angels 3

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Top 5 Best New Features in League of Angels 3

Since it’s launch League of Angels 3 has seen a lot of updates and patches. Building and improving on the base game, these new features add more gameplay elements and variety to League of Angels 3. To help you keep track of all the new and exciting stuff. I present to you the top 5 best new features in league of angels 3.

1. Hero League

League of Angels’ hero league offers a pvp tournament between the top players in the server. This game mode features a cup like structure in which if you lose you’re out. Any one can enter and challenge other players to pvp combat. If you win you get to climb up to the next step and face tougher and tougher opponents. Keep winning and you can eventually become the champion. The champion is displayed vividly atop everyone else and you can watch his battles for the crown. Other than bragging rights, the winner also gets new wings. But worry not, even if you don’t win you still get a reward for participating.



2. Castle Raiders

Castle Raiders is another unique PVP mode. In castle raiders you are presented with a board-game like interface. In it there are 16 connected circles. Each circle is inhabited by an opponent which you must defeat in order to advance. You start from the bottom of the board and at the top there is a chest. You must make your way to chest while defeating tougher and tougher opponents. When you reach the chest you can advance to the next chapter. There are 4 chapters in total and each chapter is harder than the previous one. To sum up, Castle raiders offers a unique spin on the league of angels 3 gameplay and you should give it a look.



3. Scratch-off and Wheel of Fortune

The Scratch-off and Wheel of Fortune are two new features in League of Angels 3. Scratch-off lets you scratch a reward card daily. The scratch card usually contains a fairly nice diamond reward. On the other hand, Wheel of Fortune is an event based game in which you try to earn lucky coins to purchase power up items from the lucky shop. Both features are fairly minor but provide a nice distraction from the main gameplay loop.



4. Wailing Gate

The wailing gate is an event based content which lets you challenge a huge boss two times a day. Each boss requires different tactics. For example this weeks boss requires good area of effect damage in order to wipe out his minions quickly. If you manage to defeat the encounter you can progress to a harder variation of it with increasingly better rewards. It is highly recommended that you try to progress as far as you can in the wailing gate as it offers some of the best rewards in the game.



5. Guild War

Guild war is a new feature in League of Angels 3. This new mode pits two similar powered guilds against each other. In this mode One guild attacks while the other defends. In short, the attacking guild must destroy the defending guild buildings. While the defending guild must prevent the attackers from destroying as much building as they can. After a set amount of time, a victorious guild is decided and awarded for their effort. Participating in attacking or defending in a guild war rewards the player with personal points and guild points which can be used to buy items from the guild shop. Overall, guild war is a nice little mode and you should check it out if you enjoy guild versus guild combat.

That’s it for now. Those were our top 5 best new features in League of Angels 3. If you’re new or you’re looking to maximize your gameplay you can check out our tips and tricks guide, and our hero guide.


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