Top 5 Fallout 76 New Player and Beginner Tips 2019

Top 5 Fallout 76 New Player and Beginner Tips 2019

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Fallout 76 is free to play this weekend, and if you haven’t tried it give it a shot. Many improvements and additions has come to the game. Appalachia is a vast open world that can be pretty scary to explore as a new player to Fallout 76. Not to worry though, we have some handy new player tips and tricks for Fallout 76 to help you on your way. Whether you plan to play alone in West Virgina or gang up with your regular mates, these pointers will definitely help in the early game.

#1 Get Your Weapons First

The intro sequence to Fallout 76 is a pace setter. Before leaving Vault 76, be sure to pick up everything you come across along the way. Lookout for medicine most importantly, like Stimpaks and Radaway. Once you leave the vault, don’t go running off in any direction just yet. While tempting, you might be wondering. How do I get my first weapons in Fallout 76? To the right of the Vault entrance, you’ll come across a dead body. Head to it and pick up your first Pistol weapon. You can also grab a melee weapon by heading to the left of the vault entrance and heading down a flight of steps. You’ll find a second dead body with a melee weapon on it. Plenty of new Fallout 76 players miss these, and as a result takes them longer to get armed.

#2 Best Way To Get XP To Level Up Fast

What’s the fastest way to level up in Fallout 76? There are many ways to get experience points to level up and spend points in your SPECIAL perks. From discovering new locations, to killing enemies and crafting, these are all good ways. The best way we’ve found is to do it all in addition to quests. For starters as a new player, you can’t be killed by other players until you hit level 5. So use this early opportunity to head to the nearest towns and take everything. We mean everything. Because all these junk items can then be scrapped for raw materials, which can then be crafted into handy items like Weapons, Armor and Ammunition. Perhaps the best way to get XP quick early on is to kill beasts like Mutts and Mole Rats for meat. Cooking a bulk of food using meat and wood is the quickest way to get early XP.

Questing on the other hand, does give you a big chunk of XP early on, but it’s slower as you need to travel a lot therefore it’s not consistent early on. We recommend following the quest until you hit the Airport. Events are also good for XP, but unfortunately, not worth the effort if there aren’t plenty of players nearby.

#3 Don’t Move Your CAMPS Early On

The CAMP system in Fallout 76 works as a mobile home base. It allows you to place down a personal cache to store items. You can also craft defenses and crafting stations which are handy. Unfortunately, early on it can be difficult to maintain a CAMP without sufficient CAPS, the game’s currency. No matter where you place your CAMP, every time you log off or return from a far away adventure, it will come under attack. If your luck sucks, the enemies would have destroyed  some of your CAMP items like walls and defenses. These are expensive to repair early on, so hold off on placing your CAMP until you have a good pool of materials, good defensive turret plans and CAPS. CAPS will be needed should you want to move your home base elsewhere, and the cost increases the higher your level, so don’t move them often early on.

#4 Use VATS If You Lag

The game also has a handy auto-aim feature called VATS. If an enemy is in sight, simply hit the Q key and the VATS interface pops up. It shows you the percentage to hit, which increases depending on how near the target is, in addition to the stats of your weapon. When you’re happy, simply hit the fire button and the VATS will do the rest. For new players, this feature is handy to teach you the basics of gun play. It also helps a lot if you’re running the game on an older system and suffer stutters and lag which hinders your manual aiming. Be careful however, as using VATS consumes AP and you can’t bring it up again unless AP is replenished.

#5 Quick Travel To Vault 76 and CAMP Is Free

Remember what we said about questing taking longer to gain XP because of the tedious travel? You can make use of short cuts thanks to the free quick travel back to Vault 76 or your CAMP. To quick travel, simply open the map using the M or Esc key, and click on Vault 76, or wherever you CAMP is. You can then travel for free. This is super handy if you’re stuck, or about to be jumped by another player. Simply crouch and remain there until Hidden, then quick travel to get out of there.

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