Valnir Rok Arrives On Steam Early Access

Valnir Rok Arrives On Steam Early Access

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Valnir Rok Arrives On Steam Early Access

Have you heard about Valnir Rok? It’s a brand new Viking themed survival game that’s now officially on Steam’s early access. If you’re a big fan of the Nordic and Viking mythology, this might just be the game for you. But what is it all about?

Valnir Rok is a sandbox RPG with MMO elements. At the start of the game, players must endure their awakening on Valnir Island. You aren’t safe there – wild beasts, enemy players and mythical creatures roam the island.

In some ways, a lot of the gameplay footage reminds me of the early days of ARK: Survival Evolved. Of course, there’s no dinosaurs here, and there’s a viking theme slapped on. Here’s what the game offers:

Gameplay Features

  • Strive and Thrive in the Viking Warrior Life: Brandish swords and spears then ride into battle, taking on wild beasts and legendary monsters. Face other online players in combat to test skill and bravery, or create a clan and conquer the island of Valnir
  • Might of the Gods: The actions you take will grant you favor with the three local Norse gods of Valnir. Earn their favor and be greatly rewarded… or betray them and receive divine retribution.
  • Grand Quest System: Experience Viking lore as you complete quests written by award-winning author Giles Kristian or create your own quests for a completely customized experience.
  • Craft and Discover: Scavenge and combine resources to create unique crafting recipes. A plethora of craftables are waiting to be discovered. Players can craft everything from a complete arsenal of weapons to full thriving cities.
  • Explore Valnir Island: Discover living cities filled with NPC’s to help guide players on their journey – then raid and pillage them! Traverse crystal-lined caverns and investigate the skeletons of giant beasts. Celebrate your clan’s great deeds and conquests with drinking contests to see who can still stand while being drunk!


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