Top 5 MMORPG 2019 Black Friday Sales and Discounts

Top 5 MMORPG 2019 Black Friday Sales and Discounts

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The Thanksgiving season is underway and Black Friday has arrived, which means some of the best MMORPG titles are on sale. To help players grab some sweet deals, here’s a compilation of all the major MMORPG discounts for you to enjoy right away.

Final Fantasy XIV- Shadowbringers Expansion Sale

In Square Enix’s BF sales, Final Fantasy XIV is on the menu. The excellent and award-winning Shadowbringers expansion which came out earlier this year will be 50% off from November 28th till December 2nd on the Square Enix Online Store. That knocks the price of the Standard edition right down to 20 USD from 40, and the deal is available for PS4, PC and Mac players. Shadowbringers for me personally is probably the best MMORPG expansion I’ve played in 2019, it’s got everything in it from a killer story, tons of PvE content, raids and loads more that makes it worth it IMO, if you play or plan to play FFXIV. Gotta have it. The FFXIV Online – Complete Edition, which includes the base game and all expansion packs will also be on sale at half price so that’s 30 dollars total instead of the usual 60, which makes this the best deal to get if you’re thinking of starting the game as a new player. Reminder, sales go away on December 2nd.

World of Warcraft – Battle for Azeroth Expansion Sale

Moving on, World of Warcraft’s Battle for Azeroth Expansion is on sale too. The deal is currently 50% off for both the Digital Deluxe edition which now costs 35 USD and Standard Edition, which will cost 25 dollars. We’ve had BFA for over a year now, which means if you haven’t checked out this expansion, you’re in some luck because Blizzard has done plenty of tweaking and adding in new features over the course of this expansion’s content cycle already, meaning if you’re starting now, you’ve bypassed a lot of the underwhelming stuff and are coming in at a somewhat better time than at launch. For new players, the standard version is all you need really, as it comes bundled in with all previous content, a 110 level boost and it also unlocks allied races for you to play as. WoW is very much still a popular MMORPG and it’s never too late to jump in.

The Elder Scrolls Online – Elsweyr Chapter Sale

And then there’s The Elder Scrolls Online. Firstly, this year’s Chapter aka Expansion, which is Elsweyr, is 67% off on Steam or through the official website, and for 20 USD, you get the base game, 2017’s Morrowind Chapter and 2018’s Summerset Chapter bundled in. At that price, this is the absolute best time to grab this deal because if you’re new, this is everything you’ll need to get started in ESO, with a ton of PvE content even before you start thinking about other DLCs. There’s other versions and bundles available too if you’re only interested in standalones or the base game, but they all come with Chapters thrown in so good deals all round. If you need a reminder, Elsweyr is part of this year’s season of the dragon storyline and it’s a pretty good romp with a decent story and of course, the new necromancer class to play as.

Guild Wars 2 – Expansions Discount

On December 1st, both of GW2’s expansions will be discounted. Heart of Thorns’s Deluxe Upgrade is 40%off while Path of Fire’s Deluxe Upgrade is 25%. Not really relevant for existing players due to recent changes unless of course you want to upgrade your existing versions. For new players on the other hand, the Path of Fire Deluxe is ultimately the deal to get, because it comes with Heart of Thorns, the game’s first expansion, and it unlocks the game’s mount system, which is the most important thing here, besides the new stories, access to the newer Living World Seasons and more. It’s almost impossible to play the new content and newer maps without having mounts, especially if you’re big on convenience and are a completionist when it comes to map exploration and such, so keep that in mind new folks. And as a bonus, for those who want to travel 250 years into the past, you can pick up the Original Guild Wars complete collection at a discounted price of 25 bucks on the website or through steam and fill up your hall of monuments with achievement goodies to use in GW2.

Black Desert Online – Base Game Discount

BDO’s seasonal discount is 50% off for all game packages in almost every region where the game is available in, including on Steam. Packages ranging from just the base game, to a variety bundles and more are all half-priced, so feel free to splash the cash if it’s your main game. For new players, the price of the base game at half price is great to get in and have a look around since it’s buy to play, and I feel getting it at a discount makes the most sense moving forward, since Pearl Abyss has already announced a slew of new MMORPGs coming including Crimson Desert, which means when the population gets split in the future, you’ll be kicking yourself for paying the full price at a later date.

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