Top 5 Things You Need To Know About Fallout 76 #BE3

Top 5 Things You Need To Know About Fallout 76 #BE3

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Top 5 Things You Need To Know About Fallout 76 #BE3

We got to see and hear more about Fallout 76 at E3, which will be quite the departure from prior games in the franchise. With the release date set at November 14 2018, you may have questions. Here are 5 of the biggest features coming in Fallout 76 later this year.

5. Always Online With Dedicated Servers

Todd Howard assures us that we can still experience the game solo. However, every character we will come across in game will be a “real” player. Fallout 76 will for the firs time, add an online multiplayer experience. Players can interact with other real players in the huge open world of West Virginia and must make friends or become foes. What does this imply regarding NPC characters? While nothing is confirmed at the moment, it does appear that NPCs will play a somewhat limited role outside of the main story, which could be a deal breaker for many who prefer a solo experience.

4. Fallout 76’s Map Size Is 4 Times Bigger Than Fallout 4

Bethesda are boasting that this game will be its biggest yet in the franchise. The world will be four times the size of Fallout 4, which on paper sounds enormous. What’s exciting though, is that Howard says that this new world is built with new technology. That means it will feature all new landscape tech, lighting, environment rendering and more. We had a glimpse of the character models too, and while it may still be an early alpha build, they do look good.

3. Neighbor Warfare With Nukes

We already know that the game will be always online, where you can interact with other real players. To complement this, Fallout 76 will have some interesting multiplayer features as well, in the form of Nuclear sites to wipe out areas of the map. With a group of friends, you can hunt down these nuclear silo sites in the world to gather launch codes. Each player will get a set of codes that must be activated at the silo, to launch it anywhere on the map, including the base of your most hostile enemy players. I guess we can think of this as some form of PvP.

2. Brand New Monsters Inspired By Local Folklore

West Virginia may be foreign to a lot of players, but Bethesda are giving us the tour of the land with montages of new monsters and enemies that players will face. Fallout 76 takes place in West Virginia, and outside the Vault, things are not looking good. You will encounter ghouls, nasty beasts, bugs and some flying monsters that are apparently, urban legends of West Virginia.

1. Base Building Returns

If you’re let down by the multiplayer aspect of Fallout 76, don’t worry. Other staples will be returning and among them will be the settlement building system. In the last title, the freedom to get creative when building, decorating and upgrading your settlement became a big deal for players, offering hours and hours of content there alone. We’re happy to report that this feature will be coming back. It will have a smarter system too, allowing you to build wherever you want, and packing up to move whenever you want.

So are you excited for Fallout 76?

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