Warframe's Prime Resurgence Now Lets You Obtain Rare Unvaulted Prime Warframes for a Limited Time

Warframe’s Prime Resurgence Now Lets You Obtain Rare Unvaulted Prime Warframes for a Limited Time

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An update to Warframe has introduced Prime Resurgence, offering players an opportunity to instantly unlock or earn an elite selection of 18 Prime Warframes through the release of the critically acclaimed action game’s next cinematic expansion, The New War, in December. A first-of-its-kind Prime Unvaulting program for Warframe, Prime Resurgence offers players unprecedented access to a collection of Prime Warframes and Prime Gear previously retired from Warframe’s reward tables, giving players a chance to level up their arsenal before The New War arrives. Throughout the program, players can gain access to some of Warframe’s most elusive Warframes and gear, bringing back long-awaited Prime Warframe’s from the Prime Vault and debuting a collection of gear for the first time on Nintendo Switch.

Players who have discovered Warframe’s free AAA single-player Cinematic Quest have become enamored by its gripping story of self identity filledA with epic plot twists and non-stop action. The biggest story-based update in Warframe’s 8-year history, The New War, will extend the thrilling personal space opera for players to ‘discover their power within’ through a cinematic chapter several years in the making. To help players prepare for the continuation of their journey, Varzia Dax has ventured into the Origin System’s Maroo’s Bazaar, opening a shop to help Tenno enact the Prime Resurgence and assemble the Prime Warframes who lay dormant in recovered Orokin technology.

Warframe’s Prepare for War trailer highlights more of Varzia Dax’s story and how players can prepare for their experience in The New War with Prime Resurgence:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPaQnHY841I.

Each week players can look forward to bolstering their arsenal with a new rotation of 2 previously vaulted Prime Warframes, and their Weapons, and Accessories – some of the Origin System’s rarest and most powerful gear. With each new week’s gear released, the former’s will be vaulted and become unavailable. A last chance opportunity to instantly unlock or earn the Prime Warframes and gear offered during Prime Resurgence will become available to players at the end of the program.

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