Welcome To Guild Wars 2: Top 5 Best Guild Wars 2 World Meta Events

Welcome To Guild Wars 2: Top 5 Best Guild Wars 2 World Meta Events

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Map meta events are one of the best things about Guild Wars 2. Not only do they bring players together on the landscape organically for some fun, they also offer a ton of rewards. Shinies from events like these includes map currencies, loot bags containing gear and of course, experience points and achievement points. As a new player, it can be daunting trying to figure out which map events are the best to do for a multitude of reasons. With that in mind, here’s our compilation of the most sought after map meta events in Guild Wars 2.


5. Containing The Scarab Plague Map Meta

Map: Domain of Kourna

Expansion: Living World 4 Episode 3: Long Live The Lich

To start things off, lets check out the latest map to arrive in Guild Wars 2, the Domain of Kourna. Long Live the Lich is the third episode of the current Living World Season 4. It’s the stronghold of Palawa Joko himself, the game’s current antagonist. While the story is great, the map meta Containing the Scarab Plague, is unfortunately, short. In fact, it’s one of the shortest map metas in the game. It revolves around players charging into Joko’s stronghold to disable the Inquest Golem. The whole ordeal lasts about 25 minutes in total, beginning with the pre-meta event which is to defend canons at three locations. It can be done with less than 20 people, and the reason why people are farming it right now is because it’s a good source of lootbags and Inscribed Shards, the map currency needed for the Ascended back slot and Dauntless achievements. It’s also needed for the Beetle mount.

Unlike other map metas such as Palawadan which we’ll talk about soon, this meta isn’t on a timer and is reliant on a map wide contribution of Spare Parts that drops from mobs all over. Once the bar is filled, the pre-meta begins. While it’s a fun and short meta, it definitely won’t have as much staying power once players get all they need from the Domain of Kourna.

4. Palawadan Domain of Istan Map Meta

Map: Domain of Istan

Expansion: Living World Season 4

The Palawadan map meta on the Domain of Istan is probably the most popular right now for making gold. Players first got a taste when episode 1 of the Living World Season 4 came out. The chain takes less that 30 minutes to do, and there’s plenty of Joko’s champion mobs to kill in the Palace. What’s great is that after each event, multiple supply chests appear all over the place and you can loot them to your heart’s content. The rewards include armor loot bags from Common to Rare, and depending on what you do, these will fetch a decent return of gold for a short period of time.

The meta itself is relatively fun, especially toward the end where players take down three Corsair ships, before taking on a legendary boss. Overall, due to how quick Palawadan is, players might prefer it for gold farming over RIBA in the Silverwastes.

3. Octovine Auric Basin Map Meta

Map: Auric Basin

Expansion: Heart of Thorns

Every couple of hours, the Auric Basin Octovine meta event starts. The unique thing about this is it’s all about defending the city of Tarir on four fronts. The event begins with a series of challenges that happen on the North, South, East and West entrances, as the Exalted prepare to retake their city. Then, players group up to beat back the vines blocking the entrances on each corner. All of them have different mechanics that makes it fun to replay. The challenge is for all sides to kill their vines within two minutes of each other, or the vines regenerate.

On the other hand, once the entrance is open, a mini boss fight ensues for the hidden chests, and then it’s loot time. Beneath Tarir, the chambers are open and players can loot a ton of Exalted chests for chances at rare loot, including Ascended level items.


2. RIBA Silverwastes Map Meta

Map: The Silverwastes

Expansion: Not Required

Farming the Silverwastes is an excellent way to earn gold in Guild Wars 2, particularly for free accounts, and for players who don’t have the Heart of Thorns or Path of Fire expansion packs. RIBA stands for Red, Indigo, Blue, Amber – the four Silverwaste bases. RIBA is a rotation squads use to efficiently push the Silverwastes map to breach. If you’re on a RIBA map, follow the commander tag through that progression of bases. Clear each base and wait for the Mordrem attacks to subside, then proceed to the next one on the rotation.

And the best part? Watch all that loot roll into your bags. It is then up to you how to efficiently sell or dispose the items you get for profit. To-date, the Silverwastes still remains a hugely popular map meta farm. To join one, simply open the LFG tool and look for groups that are running them.


1. The Mouth of Modremoth – Dragon Stand Map Meta

Map: Dragon Stand

Expansion: Heart of Thorns

At first place in our book, is the penultimate fight with Modremoth. The Heart of Thorns expansion introduced to the Green Elder Dragon, and players get to face off with him in Dragon Stand. The map meta here is a long and grueling multi-layered fight that in our opinion, is the best and most fun to do meta in the game. Every hour or so, the map closes off and ports players to an instance where three commanders must lead their squad in the North, Middle and South lanes to reach the dragon. Expect plenty of fights and loot. Once the Towers are breached, players then go toe to toe with the Dragon, and killing him results in more loot. This meta is perhaps the most unique in that it requires proper squad co-ordination, and on weekends you’ll see massive amounts of players attempting to do this.

Why? It’s not because of gold, because the returns here are poor. However, it is absolutely fun to do and the whole meta from start to finish awards a huge some of HoT experience points. If you have the masteries but need experience, doing the Dragon Stand meta in addition to the Auric Basin one is a great way to fill that XP bar quickly.

Agree with our list? Share you favorite Guild Wars 2 map metas!



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