What To Expect From Secret World Legend's Dawn of the Morninglight Expansion

What To Expect From Secret World Legend’s Dawn of the Morninglight Expansion

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Secret World Legends will be updating tonight to include the game’s much awaited story expansion. Season 2 aka Dawn of the Morninglight will send all eager agents into a brand new continent, which no one predicted correctly. South Africa will be the newest play map come tonight’s update, but perhaps the most exciting thing to expect will be the brand new main stories.

See, many who play Secret World Legends are die-hard fans of The Secret World, and have not seen new story missions since mid 2015, when Funcom closed the story chapter of Season 1 in Tokyo. Therefore, it’s understandable why there’s plenty of excitement surrounding Season 2. So what can new or returning players expect from tonight’s update?

Free Expansion

First and foremost, it will please you to note that the story expansion and new map will come free of charge. That’s the best thing about Secret World Legends relaunching last year. Funcom has kept their promise to make the entire content free for all players to access. Having said that, there are many parts of the games that require some form of microtransaction to progress faster. It’s a trade-off that not many are fond of, but it’s a way to keep the game alive. Eitherways, if you’re dying for new content, at least you know you will not be spending a dime to experience this one of a kind story.

The Main Story Continues

And speaking of stories, Season 2 continues the main story missions that this game is renowned for. The vanilla game that lead into the Tokyo expansion was all about setting the scene. This secret world is under attack by unknown evil forces and higher beings with agendas. Who set off the Filth? What is your and your secret society’s role in all of this? How do we pick up the pieces after Tokyo? This new expansion will answer all these questions and follow a lead to close a loose thread in the form of the Morninglight cult, who had a big part to play in the events leading up to Tokyo. That alone may be enough to intrigue some, but the real longing for players here is that they’ve had to wait for three years to get the story to continue. So expectations are super high right now.

New Gameplay, Agent Dossiers & Monsters

From the teaser trailer, we’ve seen what’s coming. Us players will be going undercover in the Morninglight compound to integrate ourselves into the cult. Who are they really? And why are they here? While we expect new missions, we’ve seen that there’s new monsters to fight as well. How difficult will they be? If I had to guess, I think players will be comfortable jumping in with an Item Level or Item Power of around 400 or more.

And since the new Agent Network System is out as well, I do expect Funcom to release new Dossiers to collect in Season 2, which could add more flavor and back story to the agents operating in the region. Overall, it’s exciting times ahead for Secret World Legends, and we can’t wait to jump in.

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