Why I'm Impressed With Albion Online's Final Beta

Why I’m Impressed With Albion Online’s Final Beta

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I’ve been racking up some massive hours on Albion Online. The sandbox MMORPG by Sandbox Interactive is in it’s final stage of beta tests before launch in July. To get in game right now, players need to purchase one of the three founders packs available. I’ve gone for the cheapest one, which is the Veteran Founders Pack and it comes with 2,000 Gold, 30 days of Premium for one character and a certificate to hang in my home.

So what exactly has me interested in Albion Online? Plenty actually. I didn’t think I’d actually like this game. From word of mouth and previous beta reviews found of forums around the web, all reviews point to a hardcore, elitist PVP game that’s grindy as hell. Having played my fair share, I think it would be great to give a second opinion. The first question you should ask yourself before buying is this: What kind of MMO player are you? And what activities do you enjoy and hate the most about MMOs?

Something For Everyone

And the reason for those questions is because Albion Online consists of PVE and PVP activities that large majority of MMO players despise. I’m not even going to sugar coat this –  there’s a lot of players today that are spoiled by the fast-track progression and convenience found in theme park MMOs. What ever happen to the love of sandbox games, where players had to work for everything they want with risks involved?

There is something for everyone in Albion. I see myself as a solo player mostly, and I understand that won’t get me far in this game. See, every piece or armor and weapon is player crafted, and the only way to get these are to craft them yourself or buy them off the auction house. What I like about this is that you can totally be self sufficient, and if that means grinding for resources daily to hit the next crafting tier, so be it.

When it comes to PVE, solo players aren’t left out. There’s daily solo expedition dungeons that rewards you with a decent amount of silver. Players can also pick and choose a few progression systems on the Destiny Board to focus on, making the progression actually do-able. So my advise to solo players would be to compartmentalize. Don’t try to be good at everything immediately. Pick your favorite paths based on what activities you enjoy, and which crafting paths are the most lucrative.

Socially Gratifying

However if you are a social player, then Albion Online truly shines. Progressing your Destiny Board becomes a whole lot easier when you join a guild. Together, the bunch of you can do so much and keep everyone sustainable. And if I’m being honest, this has to be the most socially active games in the last couple of years, even for a beta. Chats in all towns are buzzing, the Help channels never quiet regardless of time of day. And players are always working together for the end goal of fighting each other in huge Guild vs Guild wars that is rewarding.

You Are What You Do

I’m really impressed at what I’m allowed to do in here. I’ve just gotten my own player island where I can build a house. Following that, a farm to raise crops and maybe some animals down the line. I can breed horses and ox which can be sold to players to make mounts. Or cook food to sell which is a hot seller. There’s plenty of ways to progress, make money, and develop your Destiny Board paths if you just spent some time to get to Tier 3.

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