Why Neverwinter Players Are Saying Mod 12B Sucks

Why Neverwinter Players Are Saying Mod 12B Sucks

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In my last Neverwinter check in, I talked about the fun I was having in the early zones. I’m up to level 49 right now, and somewhat enjoying my PvE questing experience. I’ve dabbled in some of the Campaign dailies, and the Halloween event has rolled around too.

During my pumpkin collection rounds in Protectors Enclave for the festival, I noticed a heated argument in map chat about Mod 12B. Now being a born-again new player, I had no idea what that’s about. So here’s the run down. Neverwinter updates and patches are called Mods, and the number at the back signifies the current update and iteration. Mod 12B has only been live on the PC for a couple of days, but a lot of players hate it. Naturally, I did some research since I wasn’t anywhere near end-game and wanted to find out what all the hate was about.

Here are a bunch of highlights from Neverwinter players on reddit:

I’ve always been one to say this isn’t a pay to win game but it’s getting harder to stick to it since they are making AD a lot harder to obtain and while handing nerfs out and wanting you to upgrade this and that. I feel like the devs are giving up on this game and just wanting to squeeze every last cent out of the loyal players who think things will get better. The random ques just feels so forced upon you and I just can’t imagine this being part of a plan to make the game better.” mygiveup32

Only 1 day into 12B and i feel like i got repeatedly kicked in the nuts for 4 hours straight. 3 Random dungeon queues… CT every time. This is b/c random isn’t actually random, it plugs you into public groups that are incomplete. Hopefully this will change once ppl realize they aren’t getting their AD from CT runs and stop queueing for it… 3 Epic Dungeon Random queues… 2 ETOS’s and an eLOL (which i didn’t have a key for by the way). 3 Skirmishes, got 2 Master of Hunt (no salvage) and the new skirmish (totems…my reward is half the currency it took to open the chest? yayyy). Each run was painful, widely different playstyles, some zerging ahead, others getting left behind to be slaughtered. Zero teamwork. Zero cohesiveness. So discouraging.”  danpio1217

When the daily refinement limit is worth of 60 cents, and they’ve now made it much harder to reach even that. When I’ve had a buy order for zen in at 500 a piece for over 2 weeks. The game is pay to win, and either spend money or get locked out, and that’s not for me. I’m done.ninjaofpatience

TLDR For New Players

Neverwinter’s Mod 12B introduced daily random queues for Dungeons and Skirmishes that just doesn’t work. In the few times that I’ve tried it yesterday, I can confirm that it’s somewhat broken. I only ever seem to get the Cloak Tower dungeon. Sure, I do get my Astral Diamonds which is great for the leveling new player. But what sucks is the apparent mismatch in group finding. I’m getting in groups with a bunch of level 70s who only care about rushing to the end and are so OP that they one shot everything- and it’s not fun being not able to contribute at all in dungeons while leveling. It does leave a sour taste and I can only wonder what else awaits me at level cap. Either way, things aren’t looking fun, if you believe what’s being said.

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