Why You Should Play Destiny 2 On The PC

Why You Should Play Destiny 2 On The PC

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Why You Should Play Destiny 2 On The PC

Destiny 2 goes live on both the PS4 and XBox One today, but PC players will have to wait longer to play it. And just to be clear, this isn’t a PC master race type article, because we believe that multi-platform games are great.

When the PC beta arrived last week, I took the opportunity to put my GTX1080 to the test. It was glorious. I think everyone with a solid gaming rig can see what a difference it makes on the PC. The gun play is quicker and smoother. The frames shot up into the high hundreds, and in 60FPS it looks perfect – it’s like an entirely different game from the console versions.

It’s not to say it’s comparatively bad on consoles. From a graphics and performance standpoint, I’m sure many don’t care whether it’s 30FPS on consoles or not. But from a gameplay standpoint,  you can do so much more with a mouse and keyboard. I was able to jump, double jump and turn a full 180 degrees to shoot enemies in midair, while aiming and moving. Things that felt really restrictive to do with a console controller. There’s just a lot more freedom with a mouse and keyboard.

Content creators too, will hugely benefit from playing on the PC. With capture software like Xsplit and OBS being free, you no longer have to get expensive capture cards like Elgato to show off your gameplay. The game coming to the PC is truly a god-send moment for PC gamers, and the only thing that sucks is that we’ll have to wait longer.

So will you be playing Destiny 2 on consoles, on the PC or both? Let us know!

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