Wild West Online Alpha Tests Coming This Summer

Wild West Online Alpha Tests Coming This Summer

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Wild West Online Alpha Tests Coming This Summer

Much have been said about Wild West Online in recent times. In the game’s latest rounds of Q&A, much has been revealed.

For starters, WWO will be entering its first alpha test stage sometime this summer. Players who pre-purchase the game will have guaranteed access to the alpha. However, don’t fret if you can’t afford to the buy in. According to the devs, some 5000 keys will be given away through various channels.

In the full questions and answers segment which you can read here, the game also shed more details. The game world is massive and expansive, with a lot of interesting MMO mechanics. Guns for instance, will require ammunition for reloads. Therefore, skills and abilities are all tied to the amount of ammo you have left.

Guns are obviously going to be key in this game. But how does one go about acquiring one? Players can purchase guns from a gunsmith NPC. However, there are rarer and better ones out in the world that you can find. Mission rewards will also reward you with better guns. No word on a crafting system and player economy yet, so keep your eyes peeled for more news.


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