Wildstar To Introduce Homecoming Update In September

Wildstar To Introduce Homecoming Update In September

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Wildstar To Introduce Homecoming Update In September

Free to play MMORPG Wildstar will be introducing a brand new housing-centric update in September. Homecoming arrives on Wednesday 6th of September, and will provide players with a bunch of activities and rewards.

The Homecoming update will bring the concept of neighborhoods to the game, where players can live in close proximity. Currently, each player who owns a house is essentially living on a sky cloud of some sort. Homecoming will bring players together in one instance, where they can be neighbors and take part in neighborhood activities for rewards.

Each month after the update, a Residential Renovation event will run for a week. During the event, players can take part in activities to spruce up their homes and the neighborhood it’s located in. In addition, two new group activities – Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden dungeon and Deep Space Exploration Expedition will be playable.

Finally, Madame Fay’s will have new treasures and goodies for players including the Arcterra collection. All round, some good updates for players to break the PvE monotony which is always a welcome in MMOs. What do you think of the Homecoming update? Let us know in the comments!

For more information on Wildstar’s new update, check out the official link here.

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