Don't Miss Black Desert's New Year Events

Don’t Miss Black Desert’s New Year Events

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Holidays are coming to an end on Black Desert, but not before some major New Year events. It’s time for Adventurers to wrap up the year and prepare for new beginnings ahead of 2020. With an array of New Year’s in-game events, Adventurers can earn various rewards and items that will make their New Year’s Day more special than ever!

Adventurers can get exclusive gifts on New Year’s Day by visiting the NPC Lara in Velia. They can acquire a Box Full of Wishes by completing a series of Black Spirit quests, speaking with Lara, and flying a Wish Lantern near Coastal Cliff. Upon opening the box, Adventurers will receive 50–100 of a particular item, such as Hard Black Crystal Shards or Cron Stones, that will help kick-start their adventures in the new year.

A special log-in rewards event will also run until January 15 to celebrate the new year with Adventurers. Practical items including Advice of Valks, Hard Black Crystal Shards, and Cron Stones can be obtained by logging into the game every day. Furthermore, the New Year Hot Time event will offer remarkable in-game buffs, where Adventurers can level up their classes by receiving Combat and Skill EXP buffs throughout the week, with an even bigger EXP boost being offered from Friday to Sunday.

Last but not least, Adventurers are highly encouraged to try hunting, auto-fishing, and fighting World Bosses to get various rewards. Until January 8, all item drop rates will be increased by 50% and chances to obtain items from defeating monsters also will be increased by 50%. Auto-fishing times will be 50% faster during this time as well.

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