Wildstar's New End Game Content Update Power of the Primal Matrix Arrives

Wildstar’s New End Game Content Update Power of the Primal Matrix Arrives

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Wildstar’s New End Game Content Update Power of the Primal Matrix Arrives

NCSOFT’s free to play MMORPG Wildstar has just turned the live switch on its latest update. Called Power of the Primal Matrix, the new update will offer brand new end game content for players.

The world of Nexus is being given some brand new progression systems too. There is now a new procedural never-ending mechanic that keeps your character growing beyond level 50. Think of The Elder Scrolls Online’s Champion Points system as an example. The only downside is, it’s not account wide.

The new progression system will gain new points to spend every time you gain a level after 50. Players are free to spend them on a variety of categories ranging from class boosts, to general stats.

Besides the new progression system, expect to see new level scaling content too. The update comes bundled with new Adventures and a Prime Difficulty mode for hardcore players who want a challenge.

The story on the other hand, does get a look in but not as large as previous updates. The nice part about the update is also the freebies that players will receive. For both current and new players, starting a new character on either server will allow them to jump straight into the update.

Wildstar is providing a free level 50 character boost to players who create new characters to play the update straightaway. Whether or not you enjoy being handed level boosts, you gotta admit this is a nice touch.

More than anything else, the boost will serve as a convenience item for players who are dreading the prospects of leveling alts. Considering a majority of players will be at end game and checking out the update, this is a smart way to join them.

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