World of Warcraft Classic Is Now Live

World of Warcraft Classic Is Now Live

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The wait for World of Warcraft Classic is finally over, as the game is now live world-wide. Since its announcement a couple of BlizzCons back, the buzz surrounding WoW Classic is immeasurable. Fans and players that were craving that authentic vanilla experience now had an official way to experience it. Today, everyone will be transported back to 2004 as long as you have a subscription.

Currently, there are multiple servers for each region. They have been filling up fast prior to launch since name reservations opened. The good news is, Blizzard’s been adding more servers which means you should not have a problem getting on one to play. However, if you’d like to join a friend already on a full server, or you simply want to join a popular WoW streamer somewhere else, the queues are currently being reported to be hours long. This is reminiscent of the good old days. Nevertheless, Classic is a big step toward giving players a nostalgia trip and perhaps a way to take a break from retail World of Warcraft. Battle for Azeroth and the current 8.2 Patch while good, has left players split right down the middle and Classic could be the break most folks need to rejuvenate themselves and maybe spark a passion for retail again once the nostalgia wears off. To anyone jumping in today, have fun!

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