World Of Warcraft Ninja Changed How Enemies Scale In Latest Update

World Of Warcraft Ninja Changed How Enemies Scale In Latest Update

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World Of Warcraft Ninja Changed How Enemies Scale In Latest Update

World of Warcraft released its latest major update yesterday with the 7.2 patch. There’s some pretty major changes taking place within WoW.

The biggest is perhaps the new Broken Shore zone. Players finally get to establish a foothold to withstand the Burning Legion, and the new game play is pretty exciting. Gathering resources and setting up buildings will be a large part of that, as it will offer plenty of buffs for players. In addition, the patch also brings a new dungeon, the Cathedral of the Eternal Night. Expect a harder challenge too, as the difficulty has been increased for Mythic dungeons.

If that isn’t enough, players can chew on a new raid when that arrives too. The Tomb of Sargeras is en route in the coming weeks, so it’s time for raid leaders to whip their members into shape.

What the patch notes fails to mention however, is the pretty major change to how enemies now scale. Mobs in World of Warcraft will no longer scale to a player’s level. Instead, they will now scale to item levels. Blizzard made no mention of this in the patch notes, and according to this forum post, players are not appreciating this change at all.

So the question is, is this a working as intended or is this a bug? For players that despise this new item power progression, the bad news is that this is confirmed as intentional. Game director Ion Hazzikostas posted in the forums saying that this is a deliberate change, but it needs more work. The level scaling may be too steep currently.

What this means is that the feeling of progression is somewhat redundant now. If landscape mobs scale to your shiny new raid gear, what’s the of point of progression?


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