World Of Warplanes (2013) Review

World Of Warplanes (2013) Review

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WWorld of Warplanes is a PvP orientated MMO game where players control 20th Century aircraft; players can select from over 100 aircraft which are based on real ones from a range of countries. Each aircraft is split into the four classes which have a unique role in battle and upgrade trees are available for each class; aircraft become more powerful as the game progresses. Matches are team-based and players compete in them with a single life until only one team is left alive

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World Of  Warplanes Features

PvP MMO – Fight against other players in a last-one standing style team death-match.
Over 100 aircraft – Select from a huge number of aircraft found across the world.
Four classes – Each class has a unique role and play-style that makes them stand out.
Detailed tech tree – Upgrade each class and plane to modify their abilities and arsenal.

Huge number of available vehicles.
PvP based.
Unique combat and game-play.
Dedicated community.

Bad matchmaking system
Low player-base.
Only one type of multiplayer mission.
Can become repetitive.

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