WoW Patch 8.0 Survival Guide

WoW Patch 8.0 Survival Guide

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WoW Patch 8.0 Survival Guide

WoW is getting its next expansion in about a month. In preparation for Battle for Azertoh, Patch 8.0 hits live servers on july 17 for the US and july 18 for EU. We rounded up all the major features coming in WoW patch 8.0.


Artifact Weapons

With the release of patch 8.0, artifact weapons will be retired. Your artifact weapon will stay at the same item level but you will lose all traits. Your weapon will essentially become a regular item like all the rest of your items.

Class Changes

Patch 8.0 also brings all the new class changes and updates. Legion’s classes were highly linked and reliant on some artifact traits. Blizzard are well aware of that fact and so some classes will retain some traits from the artifact weapon as passive bonuses or talents. Other than these changes, 8.0 also brings a lot of different class changes with some spec getting a major overhaul like survival and marksman hunters. You can check out all class changes coming in 8.0 over here.



Stat Squish

Every now and then Blizzard squishes all the numbers to more manageable levels. With damage numbers going up as 2 million and more, Blizzard decided its time for a squish. This stat squish is mostly a visual change as your overall power level should remain about the same except the numbers will be smaller.

Story Quests

Patch 8.0 is the pre-expansion patch to Battle for Azeroth. And no pre-expansion patch will be complete without the prologue to the next expansion. 8.0 will bring several story line quests over a few weeks with events leading to Battle for Azeroth.

War Mode

In BFA, PVP and PVE server categorization is going away. Instead you will be able to choose to turn on or off war mode. Turning on war mode will let you battle other player in open world PVP. And having war mode on will also reward you with increased exp and reputation gains. On the other hand, turning war mode off will let you quest in peace without the threat of being attacked by other players. Patch 8.0 brings the changes to the PVP honor system and war mode to live servers.



Guild UI and Communities

Patch 8.0 brings an overhaul to the guild user interface and adds communities. Communities are groups of players with a common goal or theme. In Legion, many communities were formed in dedicated discord servers. Every class had a discord, you have a secret finding discord, a chosen discord, high M+ discords and so on. For 8.0 Blizzard aims to compliment these communities with in-game UI and options.

New Character Customization Options

Patch 8.0 introduces some new character customization options. Among these changes are new postures for Orcs, new face options and eye color for Blood Elves, and the ability to change your skin color.


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