Top 5 MMORPGs We Want To See On Consoles 2018

Top 5 MMORPGs We Want To See On Consoles 2018

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Playing MMORPGs on the PC will always be the best way to play. There, got that out of the way. In today’s world, MMO studios would be foolish to think that’s enough. World of Warcraft aside, making use of other platforms like consoles does a lot of good. Not only does it expands the reach of the game to a new playerbase, it also offers longevity and revenue opportunity. With that in mind, which MMORPGs would we like to see hit the PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch?

5. MapleStory and MapleStory2

The MapleStory series of games serves as a beacon of nostalgia for fans of Asian MMORPGs from my generation. A lot of us started of playing either RuneScape or Maple back in the day. Its side-scrolling adventuring offers lots of fun with accompanying catchy tunes and cute graphics. That also means, that with today’s technology, the game can and should be ported over to all consoles besides just mobile devices. This includes the Nintendo Switch. Imagine being able to take your adventures on the go with you, that would be awesome.

4. EVE Online

EVE Online remains one of the most popular space sci-fi sandbox games today. Others like Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen may have shared the spotlight in recent times, but EVE reigns supreme. There’s no substitute for interstellar player-driven narratives and events. The constant backstabbing and turncoat-ing makes for great drama, and no doubt players would love to pilot their ships and grow their empires from the comfort of their living room couch.

3. Wildstar

Dead and dying game? Perhaps. Wildstar still has a charm about it, with an attractive world and cartoony graphics. Aesthetics aside, the gameplay is really fun with a great combat system and PvE offerings. What can save this game and bring in more players you ask? It’s obvious innit, it’s on this list. The decision for a console port likes solely with NCsoft, and if they think the game is still worth investments or not.

2. Guild Wars 1 and 2

There is no bigger MMORPG besides World of Warcraft that console fans want on their machines than Guild Wars – both games. Guild Wars have become a franchise name in the genre because of its lush worlds, great story-telling and all round stellar MMORPG systems. The one thing it doesn’t have a shortage of however, is players. While the game’s combat system does look like it may suit consoles, it will be some time before ArenaNet thinks about console ports.

1. Star Wars the Old Republic

Arguably the biggest MMORPG IP on the market today, SWTOR unfortunately, has fallen from grace. The game’s lack of content and emphasis on promoting its in-game cash shop is a frustration for many loyal players. Are Bioware stretched thin due to other games being worked on? Regardless, a console version of SWTOR may just be the answer to reinvigorate the game and bring back players – both old and new to the galaxy far, far away.


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