5 Reasons to play Star Wars: The Old Republic

5 Reasons to play Star Wars: The Old Republic

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5 Reasons to play Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic was first launched in 2011 and is still being supported by developer BioWare; the MMORPG is due to receive it’s next expansion next month which provide a wide range of new content for players. The free to play game can be played through Steam or the official client and despite its age, there’s a large active player base spanning all levels of the game.

The upcoming expansion is certainly something to look forwards to but there are plenty of reasons to start playing this game.

1 – True Single Player experience

MMORPGs aren’t known for their amazing solo player experiences but Star Wars: The Old Republic breaks this stereotype; the first 60 levels of the game can be played entirely solo though the main story missions and different story arcs. It provides a single player RPG game while also offering the classic MMO gameplay once the level cap has been reached.

2 – Full MMO gameplay

Don’t let the Single Player experience fool you! It’s possible to start a new character from level 60 to get straight into raiding, PvP and hardcore dungeons that are spread across the universe. There are a wide range of classes and gameplay styles to select from which have specific roles in the MMORPG portions of the game.

3 – NPC Companions

The previous companion system has been completely reworked so that there’s no need to take annoying characters on missions just because they fill a certain role. Every NPC companion can now be assigned any group role that you need including healer. It’s a unique mechanic that makes the solo experience much more interesting and even allows solo players to take on “group dungeons” alone.

4 -Space Combat

Take a seat in the cockpit with special space combat missions that send you out into space to destroy enemy ships and compete a range of objectives. Don’t expect the level of detail seen in Eve Online or Elite: Dangerous but the gameplay can still hold its own. It uses simple controls that are easy to learn and only a few of these missions actually need to be completed, there are plenty of optional missions for pilots to complete away from the main story.

5 – Appeals to a wide range of playstyles

BioWare have managed to created a game that appeals to all types of MMORPG players; it features a huge amount of solo and co-op content, hardcore raiding and guild content and competitive PvP without needing to compromise on any aspect. Despite all of the solo content, the social aspect of the game is very strong with plenty of ways to communicate and play with other gamers. While there may be some issues in places, the vast majority of MMORPG fans should find something they enjoy here.


Star Wars: The Old Republic is a solid MMORPG that’s only improved over the years; the game has a strong future ahead of it and the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion is due for release on December 2nd making this a good time to start playing. Fans of Star Wars can expect to see a lot from the popular universe in this game and any newcomers to the Star Wars series are sure to enjoy the vast range of content in this MMORPG.

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