ArcheAge Is Having An Echoes of Hiram Event On PTS Today

ArcheAge Is Having An Echoes of Hiram Event On PTS Today

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Free to play MMORPG ArcheAge by XLgames and gamigo has its brand new upcoming content update, Echoes of Hiram on the way to live servers, but not before the PTS test servers. Coming to PTS today, players can take part in an event extravaganza first hand to win rewards and prizes for your characters on the live servers.

The festivities begin on Monday June 24, 2019 at 9AM PDT (4PM UTC) and you will be met with portals in Austera and Marianople.

Trivia – Be the first to answer the trivia questions related to the Hiram Mountains and win 10x Manastorm Crystals per correct answer on your Live Server character!
Protect the CM – The CM is squishy, and needs to make their way to the Northern Gate from the Hall of Warriors… Can you protect them from the dangers of Eastern Hiram Mountains? If you do, all participants get 10x Sweet Candy on the live server!
Monster Madness – Oh no, the monsters are out of control! Defeat all five waves of the monsters and all participants will receive 5x Loyalty Tokens per waves survived!

For more details on ArcheAge, the PTS server and Echoes of Hiram, check out the official post here.

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