ArcheAge Unchained Delays Launch Until October 15th

ArcheAge Unchained Delays Launch Until October 15th

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ArcheAge had some unfortunate news over the weekend. The new buy to play version, Unchained, has been delayed from its September 30th launch. The MMORPG will now go live on October 15th instead. According to gamigo’s weekly livestream on Twitch,the two week delay is for the developers to evaluate the marketplace and the bound status of items within it. This also means that PTS testing will be pushed back to October 1st and it is then that name reservations will begin.

In other ArcheAge news, earlier in the week we learned that ArcheAge will be improving its graphics in conjunction with its 5th anniversary and the launch of the Shadows Revealed update for both versions of the game, and we got a sneak peak preview in a trailer of what the new graphics look like.

Additionally, the livestream also went into details about several details regarding systems and mechanics in unchained which you can find below:

  • Name Reservation
    • Will be avaliable October 1st at the PTS launch day.
  • Diligence Coins / Season Pass / Loyalty Store / Marketplace / Rewards
    • There will be no Loyalty Store > Diligence takes its place.
    • No login tracker at release
    • “Labor Restore” potions will be available through Diligence Coins.
    • “Labor Restore” WILL NOT be available via credits.
    • Expansion scrolls will be avaliable in the Diligence Marketplace ONLY.
  • Alts
    • Each person can have up to 3 accounts.
  • Guild Cap
    • Max 50 members.  This is a hardcoded game choice by XL and wont be changing.
  • Land
    • Everyone who buys Unchained will be able to own land.
    • Currently owning land will not be policed by Gamigo.
    • Evaluating tax certs as a reward for construction
  • Delphinad ghost ships
    • Quests for protecting the DGS will be removed at the begining to prevent taking advantage of an late game mechanic early.
  • Gold Selling
    • Zero tollerance towards gold sellers and buyers.
    • They can track gold through the economy and will be very heavy handed on gold selling.
  • Archepass
    • 1500 credits = $10
    • Three versions. All the same price.
    • All three can be purchased at the same time or individual.
    • Each version is geared towards different playstyles.
    • Archepass objectives will be quests or tasks that need to be completed.
    • Premium version items will be ALL cosmetic.
  • Auction House
    • All auction houses will be limited per server per region.
  • Font/FOV mods
    • All mods will not be allowed. They are looking into seeing if FOV or Font mods will be something they can selectively allow.

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