Battlerite Is Closing Down In South Korea This July

Battlerite Is Closing Down In South Korea This July

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Battlerite will be shutting down its game service in South Korea according to an official post found here. According to the studio, the dwindling player population and the difficulties faced with matchmaking are the reasons for the closure. The official servers will remain live until July 4th 2019, before shutting down for good.

There is a refund system going on right now to facilitate players who’ve spent money on cash store items recently to get their money back. Additionally, there are talks of Steam account transfers to the global version for those who are playing Battlerite via Steam.

If you need a refresher on what this game is, here it is. Battlerite is a TEAM ARENA BRAWLER focused on action-packed player vs player combat and tricky mind games. Win the crowd in the most authentic online arena experience of the decade. Developed by Stunlock Studios in cooperation with Coffee Stain, the studio behind the wildly successful Goat Simulator. The game entered Early Access in 2016 before finally going free to play in November 2017. While the core MOBA game was popular for some time, it was the battle royale spinoff that truly put Stunlock Studios on the map. Battlerite Royale went free to play earlier in 2019 and his the studio’s best title so far.

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