Black Desert Mobile Guide: How To Awaken Gear

Black Desert Mobile Guide: How To Awaken Gear

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Pearl Abyss has updated Black Desert Mobile this week, and the latest gear progression feature to arrive is the Gear Awakening system. This allows high level players to further empower their gear, getting better AP and DP stats overall, in addition to being able to roll Awakened Enchantments on weapons and armor. These added buffs will be very helpful in-game as players tackle content in Valencia and more.

If you haven’t had time to check how to do it or are not level 60 yet, here’s a quick rundown on how to awaken your gear in Black Desert Mobile.

First things First: Ascend Your Character

Before you can even get started on Awakening your gear, you will need to have a character at level 60, and have them go through the Ascension process. Ascension unlocks the advanced class for your chosen character, which gets powerful skills and may even change the type of weapon you wield. You’ll need to undergo a quick story mission chain before you get Ascended, but it’s all over in no longer than an hour.

Blacksmith Is Required

Once Ascension is complete, the Black Spirit will usher you back to your Camp, and hopefully you’ve already built and upgraded a high enough level Blacksmith because you’re going to need it. The Blacksmith is where you’ll find the option to Awaken your gear. It is suggested to get your Blacksmith up to level 8 or higher if you haven’t reached Ascension yet.

Pick A Gear To Awaken And Complete Its Mission

If all the conditions above are met, simply pick a gear you want to Awaken, and you’ll see its objective you need to complete in order to Awaken it. For the main weapon slot for example, you need to kill 3 World Bosses, so some of these are time-gated will others are just monster grinding. Below are all the objectives required for the full equipment:

Main Weapon: Defeat World Bosses x3

Sub Weapon: Collect Omar Iron Scrap x4000

Helmet: Boss Rush Lv25 or Up x10

Chest: Collect Abandoned Iron Mine Ore x6000

Gloves: Ancient Ruins 8 or Up x5

Feet: Defeat Enemy x12000

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