Black Desert Online Welcomes Players To Its Cherry Blossom Event

Black Desert Online Welcomes Players To Its Cherry Blossom Event

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Spring has finally arrived in the world of Black Desert! Starting today, Adventurers will have a chance to collect special items from various seasonal events. In addition to a revamped Shakatu’s Seal event, cherry blossom-inspired events will also take place in Black Desert SEA and offer great rewards.

The Shakatu’s Seal event has been renewed. Adventurers can now exchange Shakatu’s Seals from NPC Dellus, Shakatu’s right-hand man. Shining Shakatu’s Seals have also been added, which can be exchanged for exclusive rewards such as Gold Bars, Advice of Valks, and Awakening Weapon Exchange Coupons from NPC Raom. Both NPCs can be found near Shakatu.

Cherry blossoms are back in Black Desert SEA! Until April 1, Adventurers can purchase Cherry Blossom Seeds to grow Cherry Blossom Trees, which will yield Blooming Scents of Spring. Over the same period, Adventurers can also collect buff-giving items such as Fresh Peach Flower Petals and Vibrant Peach Flowers by hunting, gathering, or fishing. Moreover, those who collect Blooming Scents of Spring before April 8 can exchange them for a wide range of reward boxes from designated NPCs.

Last but not least, the Black Desert SEA team invites all Adventurers to participate in the “Snapshots with Cherry Blossoms” event! Until March 31, interested Adventurers can participate by taking in-game screenshots and uploading them to the Creative Content tab on the official website. The 10 best entries will be awarded a Secret Book of Old Moon and a Blessing of Kamasylve, and all event participants will receive a Merv’s Palette.

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